Be a Magnifier!

"Magnify the Lord with me! Let's praise His name together!" (Psalm 34:3 NET)

In my quiet time worship recently, I sang, “Lord, be magnified…” and I immediately saw a mental image of a magnifying glass. When that happens, God is usually telling me something, so I pressed in. Three days later, He gave me another image of a light shining through a magnifying glass and becoming one brilliant point of light.

We have all done the science experiment using a magnifying glass to direct a laser-like point of sunlight onto a piece of paper, so I immediately understood THAT is what He wants for each of us! He wants to shine the Light of His amazing love through us - His magnifying glasses - so that the life of the one in front of us is ignited with a burning and passionate love for Him! Mere words cannot possibly convey the amazing love of our great and glorious heavenly Father, but when we reflect His love through our actions just like Jesus did, we become magnifying glasses through which the world can come to see and experience His great love. As we magnify our God and King, let us shine His light and love into every life we touch so that they can come to know Him experientially through us.

ALL GLORY TO GOD, our Father, JESUS, our Savior & Lord, and HOLY SPIRIT, God within us!!!!

Prayer: Abba Father, Your love overwhelms me. Make me a magnifying glass of Your love, mercy, grace, and peace so the world around me is transformed and ignited by the laser beam of Your glorious Light! Let Your will be done in and through my life, I pray in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ my Lord & Savior, amen.

Breath Prayer:

In: Holy Spirit

Out: Be magnified through my life!

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