I'm a Christian: a wife, Mom, Nana, friend and prayer warrior. I believe it doesn't cost anything to be kind, and I take to heart Jesus' command that we are to love one another. Do I always do it right? Well...I'm human...so that answer would be a resounding NO! But I try...I really do try...

God likes to change things up from time-to-time, and as I have continued to seek Him, He has encouraged me to put-to-use all of the lessons I've learned from my many "life experiences" (aka...mistakes and mis-steps!) with the hope that someone, somewhere can benefit from what took me a lot of years and tears to learn.


Jesus is my person. I would not be "me" without Him. If I could convey one thing consistently, it would be God's great and amazing love for each of us. I try to carry His Presence with me everywhere I go because it is the sweetest, purest, most wonderful thing I know.

I hope this blog will help you whether you are in a season of growth, pain, life-change or want. It has been my experience that God's lessons apply to a wide-range of needs.

Favorite Books:

"Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young

"Hinds Feet on High Places" by Hannah Hurnard

"One Year Bible" - for daily reading

"Waking the Dead" - John Eldredge

"Experiencing God" by Henry & Richard Blackaby, and Claude King

"Hosting the Presence" - Bill Johnson

"Good Morning, Holy Spirit" - Benny Hinn

"The Circle Maker" - Mark Batterson

Favorite Speakers:

Bill Johnson

Robert Morris

David Diga Hernandez

Shawn Bolz

Tony Evans

Beth Moore

Other Random Stuff:


Daily prayers for peace in Israel & revival for our world.

Coconut Oil (I use it for everything! Cooking, skin care, etc.)

Lavender Essential Oil (great for restful sleep and skin)

The Original Idea for this Blog:

One day I was having an "off" day at work. I was tired of drab walls, fluorescent lighting and the daily grind. I wanted to escape my office but I couldn't leave. A girl's gotta work, right? Suddenly, this scene came to my mind:

***  "Alone, I sit cross-legged on the beach, running my hands through the sand, cool grains rushing between my fingers. The salty ocean breeze whispers in my ears and flips strands of sun-bleached hair in my eyes. With a forceful huff, I blow them out of the way. I pull the elastic off my wrist to secure the long, tangled layers out of my face. Bikini ties tickle, dancing across my shoulder blades in the wind. A shiver creeps up so I dust the sand from my yellow hooded sweater and slip it on to cover the goose bumps. Right arm, left arm. Waves churn in front of me. Crashing and shushing, I smile at them…and then I think of him. His eyes, our telepathic rendezvous. Where is he now? I wish I knew.

I hug my knees and study the swells in the distance.

`Which one of you will I tame today?'"

Suddenly, I was transported to that beach in Hawaii for an "Ahhh..." moment, and the idea for writing descriptive, "mini vacations for the mind" was born. Although I generally blog about more spiritual matters, I try to give my readers a picture in their minds that they can escape into for a momentary break from their circumstances, along with a touch of the Master's heart. After all, God highly recommends moments of peace.

*** A big shout-out of thanks to my daughter, Michelle Colston, for allowing me to "appropriate" a passage from her upcoming book, "The Alchemy of Charlotte Goodwin." I love you, Baby, and am so proud of you!

You can find Michelle at: http://michellecolston.com

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